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4th of July ideas + DIY

Hi! Today I’m going to be showing you some ideas and a lovely DIY to celebrate 4th of July. Hope you like them!!

First, I have to show you this desing I’ve made of a dress based in the United States flag. Lately I’ve been (again) a lot into designing:

I know the skirt is not the best colouring in the world, but it’s a little difficult to try to leave the stars white and clean. Anyway, I think the idea of the desing is nice and clear.
Let’s go onto my favourite part, the DIY. For this DIY I started with a base. The base is a friday DIY from Michael’s craft store, it was the wrapped milk jar using twine. It is as easy as putting some glue in the jar (or double sided tape) and wrapping it with twine. I used a normal jar:
So that’s the base. Now, let’s continue to do my DIY:
First, we paint like a quarter of the jar covered in twine blue, dark blue and we let it dry a little. Then, we paint 3 red stripes.

Getting better, isn’t it? As you see in this images, it hasn’t got to be perfect because it is that gives us a vintage look and it shows it’s handmade. I think it is cooler this way but if you want it to cover the whole thing, then you have to get more paint and mabye some water.
Now, we have to paint 3 white stripes, 1 under each red stripe.
Now, it gets to the difficult part. I am not very good at painting lots of stars by hand, specially if they have to be equal and more or less in line, so…..

I made this. You only have to cut a stripe of card and then cut loads of stars at the same distance from each other, same size and as well, same distance from the straight border.

Then, we are going to put the straight border of the stripe of card on the end of the blue paint and stick it with some tape to the jar. Then, just grab some more white paint (this time without any water) and get painting the stars. Like this:
Once you finish, let the stars dry and you will end with something like this:

And to the last thing : food. If you like to prepare a delicious fruit bowl that day which remindes you to 4th of July, so, United States, you only have to get some melon and watermelon, cut them in cubes or in balls (using a special tool) and put them in a ball, mixed with delicious blueberries.

That’s all for my 4th of July ideas. I hope you liked the ideas and the DIY. If you do this jar or any of the ideas make sure you send me a photo through my instagram, twitter or facebook.
Keep crafty!

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