DIY Bleach Shorts!

(not me)
(pictures are not mine unless stated)

Who doesn't love bleached outfits? It's a fun beachy style and you can do it with any clothing piece you have! Follow these steps and you'll get the perfect bleach garment!

First take your denim and a ruler. Put the ruler through the loops of the pants so it hangs. Place the ruler and the denim in the bucket like so:

Second, put two cups of water and two cups of bleach into the bucket.

Let the denim marinate in the liquid for about 5 minuets. remember to always check on it. BUT USE GLOVES WHILE DOING SO.

REMEBER IF YOU PUT MORE BLEACH IN AND YOU LET THE DENIM SOAK LONGER, THE HIGHER THE CHANCE OF THE DENIM FALLING APART. Bleach disintegrates the color of the denim and can also disintegrate the  fabric as well.

Once you like the degree of white it is take out the denim and with a toothbrush blend out the bleach to the rest of the denim to give it a gradient effect like so
After your done soak them in distilled, room temperature white vinegar. This is important because pouring vinegar on the shorts stops the bleaching process. 

After you put them through the wash and dryer you will have perfectly bleached shorts (:
The shorts I made.

Hoped this helped loves! xoxox

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